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Apr 3, 2015

Empty Tomb On My Easter Mantel...

Better late than never - I've reworked my mantel to offer a taste 
of Spring and Easter.  And look what happened...
 ...a version of the empty tomb appeared!  (yes, that's a birdhouse...)  
I wasn't planning to use it this way - it just sort of happened.  
But it works I think - and what a great reminder that Jesus lives!
 The twig wreath is a reminder of the crown of thorns Jesus wore for me.  
And purple?  It's the color of royalty - for My King Jesus.

 The bibles hold the Easter story - from beginning to end -
and were once lovingly held and read by my parents.
Paging through them brings tears, smiles and all sorts of emotions
as I read their notes and verses that shaped their lives. 
How very blessed I am to have had this Godly heritage.

May yours be a blessed Easter.  And if Jesus is not the King of your life - 
please consider inviting him to that role this season.
 I promise, there is no better Ruler and no better Kingdom to join. 

True Joy Awaits ~Joyce

1 comment:

Betsy said...

I love your display Joyce. And it does work! Easter has such special meaning to me and I think to every other Christian. Thank you for your thoughts for the season. And how special it is to have your parents Bibles. I wish I had mine.


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