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Apr 15, 2015

New Neighbor Gift...

We live in a good neighborhood - but not necessarily tight-knit.  
Still - I try to welcome newcomers in some way. 

 Homemade baked goods are my 'go-to' gift. 
 And then I pray they don't have food allergies. 
(I always figure there's probably at least somebody in the family that can eat them.)

I don't often make chocolate chip cookies cause My Love 
doesn't like chocolate - but the rest of the world does right?
So I whipped up a batch using chocolate and peanut butter chips -
(it's what was on hand) and guess what - hubby loves them!  
Good thing they didn't all fit in the basket.


Speaking of baskets - I keep a lookout for cute
 containers and pick them up for such occasions.
  This one was 'free'.  I lined it with a scrap of denim fabric - 
added the plastic bag of cookies and finished it off with a bow.
I like to include a card with our name and contact information,  
just 'cause I think it's good to know how to get hold
 of your neighbors if you need to.
 Then I hand delivered our little gift when I saw 
they were home so we could have a face-to-face meet.
Now here's hoping they'll think of the cookies when
 they become annoyed with our barking dog! ~Joyce 

1 comment:

Poppy said...

Hi Joyce,

So lovely to meet you!

Your 'go-to' gift is very pretty, and I'm sure equally tasty! What a lovely gesture. And, you're right: it's a smart idea to have your neighbours' telephone numbers/info.

Happy weekend!



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