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Sep 16, 2014

Using Bad Plastic Faux Greens...

I recently bought a great pottery vase filled with a
 less-than-great greens bouquet.  Less-than-great because 
they looked too 'plastic' to me in real life.  
But the vase?  It was only $4 and I liked it!
So with a knife to cut through all the foam filler - 
I removed the greens and now I have a great-looking
 vase in my family room to fill at will...

Bouquet of Sweet Annie & Faux Fall Foliage
 The greens do not look plastic from the road - in fact,
 they look great outside.  But they do not look Fall.
But with a few tucked in faux fall stems - it's good-to-go.    
This idea of adding to greens should work for any season.
Sometimes you need to divide and conquer.
Yay for thrifting!
To see the rest of my Fall porch - go here.
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Betsy said...

Nice! I like how you think about dividing things up to make them work for you.

Tammy said...

Great find! The greens looked good in that black pot.


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