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Sep 3, 2014

Fall Vignettes...

Today was 'thrift shop day' for me... meaning - 
I went and did dress rack displays.  
(I also price antique linens - but no pics of that - sorry!)  
Here are the vignettes I came up with for this week...
 The little owl is a carry over from last week.
  Figurines are not a quick sell - but they can look great in groupings...
 (just a word to the wise in my humble opinion - yep, pun intended.)

This little Hummel-type figure is also left over.  
I think he has a great Fall look and don't know why he hasn't sold.

I was desperate for something for the men's rack.   
I started with the trapping book... then found the throws.  
The string?  Well - why not!
Soon, soon I can do some decor at home. How about you?  Have you started?

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