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Sep 14, 2014

My Fall Porch - Pre Pumpkins...

The weather is cooling - but it still gets plenty warm during the day.  
So... no 'real' pumpkins have made it to the porch.
  Instead, she is decked out with other Rustic Cottage Autumn charm...
 This was my 'bare bones' start... but then added faux fall foliage to the greens 
and darkened the sign with some beeswax oil.
 I made the sign from an old scarred & stained board I found laying around.  
Six letters seemed to be the perfect fit - so 'Thanks' was the result.  
It was done with a black Magnum Sharpie -  coloring inside the lines of stencils.  
The border is one swipe of the marker done freehand.
To put together my porch this year - I just went scouring my garage, etc.  
Anything that looked like it could possibly work - 
I brought it to the porch and then played.  
The rocker had been green and the dog chewed the legs.  
Black spray paint makes it look great.

Loving my $3 thrift throw (say that 3 x's fast...) - 
and I'm thinking it'll work for Christmas too!
How's that for a bargain?
 The little step stool was made by my deceased step father in law. 
It was the wrong color - so a fresh coat of paint makes it porch-worthy.
 Welcome Autumn!
And yay - we love our new porch floor.   
Should have done it years and years ago!

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