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Sep 4, 2014

Canning and Painting...

Life is full lately - isn't it always?  
But I've been able to sneak in a few projects.
 Love this old tool chest that's been sitting in my garage for years... (shame on me) 
...waiting on a makeover.  
I wasn't liking the brown paint and the drawers needed repair.

My makeover fix was simply a coat of creamy white paint and some distressing.  
Sometimes simple is best.

Love those handles!  And did you see how the top lifts up? (1st pic.)
Love that!
And while Susie Homemaker I am not... I planted some hot peppers this year - 
just so I could make salsa.  So salsa I made...

...and canned in my jars that I've been hoarding for years.

Every little 'pop' just makes my day.  All jars have sealed.  Success!
Next project?  There are many on my list... 
but really,  my home just desperately needs cleaned and dusted.  
Does that count as a project?  Tomorrow...

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