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Jun 16, 2017

Thrifty Thursday & Friday Finds In One Post...

Today's thrifty tip? (from yesterday but never happened...)
Visit a book sale!  Better yet - volunteer at one...
Getting ready for library book sale

I unexpectedly found myself part of a sorting crew the day before
 our community library book sale.  (Boxes of books are heavy!)  

I found it interesting to see the genre section that was largest. 
Can you guess?
Library at Mount Gretna, PA

Mystery and thriller!  This surprised me as it's the last thing I'd read.
I'd rather sleep at night :)

My favorite section was this one - 
all things crafty and home decor (it was a smaller section)...

Which brings me to my thrifty tip. Turns out when you volunteer - 
it may give an opportunity to buy a cheap book or 2 ahead of the actual sale!  
I found this one - right up my alley - for $1.
But attending a book sale will garner you some good cheap books too.

Now for a few other finds from my week...(it was slim).
Seems I'm continually adding to my greeting card stash...  
and at 5/$1 - why not?
The seahorse paperweight is available here and 
a sailboat butter stamp is available here.

Life has been full - but also very good.  We're enjoying the prospects

of some new things in our lives - and are so thankful to the Lord.
  Hope you are all doing well too!  ~Joyce


Betsy said...

I have fruit I wouldn't be very productive at sorting books. I would want to find a quiet corner sit down and look through them instead! I'm not big on mysteries and thrillers either for much the same reason as you.
Blessings, Betsy

Beca said...

We've been to a few book sales before and it's always interesting to see what you can find. I love your treasure hunts.
xx Beca


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