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Jun 22, 2017

Shopping Online for Free! - Thrifty Thursday

I'm not a big online shopper.  Generally speaking - I feel I do 
much better with local discounts and hitting thrift shops, 
discount grocery stores and yard sales.

But - there is the occasional product that I use that is specific
 enough that I won't find it at a discounted price anywhere.
These items are worth checking out online.   
I checked Amazon for a supplement that I take and discovered
 some thrifty tips...

1.  Thanks so all the product promos that Amazon includes for
 anything you search for - I found another brand of my product that
 checked out to be just as good (easy enough to do online research)
 for much less monies.  

2.  I paid with my Discover card.  Turns out Amazon has the option
 of using your Cash Back Bonus monies at check-out.   Really?
  Awesome!  That is 'free' money to me... so thank you!

Of course there are many other ways to save with Amazon.   
Most of them I do not find to be really saving for me personally 
(in other words - I'd be shopping more than my normal - just to 'save').
But click this link for some truly good ways to save with Amazon.

And just a few more general 'shopping' thrifty tips...

3.  Always pay for purchases w/ a 'cash back' credit card when you can.  
Or use anairline mileage card if travel is a big happening in your life.

4.  As alluded to already - clubs and memberships are generally not
 the best savings and typically have you spending more than you 
would have without the 'plan'.   There are ways to shop cheaper!
  They may (but not necessarily) take more time though - and if time
truly equals money stress to you - then consider that.  

5.  Stress (see #4) can equal money!... it takes a toll on our health.

So check out the little extras Amazon has to offer.  (As always - 
I'm not getting any kickbacks - this is a non-money making blog!)
  Happy Savings!  ~Joyce


Beca said...

I like to shop Amazon for those things I'm not able to get locally. It's great because they carry everything. I like to take advantage of their free shipping too. What I value the most though are the reviews. I like to read them before I buy anything.
xx Beca

Betsy said...

I enjoy Amazon but we are not a member of Amazon Prime. I'm finding that if you're not a member of Prime it's taking forever to get orders. For example, I ordered curtain rods and rings almost 2 weeks ago from Amazon because I couldn't find the size I needed locally. 11 days later they still had not shipped! Needless to say I canceled the order. I've heard this from other people too. Everyone feels the reason is that they are trying to get people to join Prime for the free two day shipping. I can honestly say it's almost ready to work for me. I'm almost ready to join just so I can get my items in a timely manner.
Blessings, Betsy


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