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Jun 30, 2017

A Facebook Tip on Today's Friday Finds...

While I found a few 'things' this week...

...my favorite find was not a 'thing' at all!  

Are you part of your local town's page on Facebook?  
If not - you need to be!  Just search for your 'town, state' and see if
 there's a page and join it!  I can't believe the world this has opened up...
 things we never knew about right here on our community.

Case in point:
We have this pile of cement that we've been trying to unload...

On our town page someone mentioned needing a 'clean fill' place
I chimed in that we do too.  Immediately - someone responded.
 And the best part?  The location was just 3 houses down the road.
  Yes really!  Feels like a little miracle!  I'm also seeing people 
find jobs from the page, learn about new restaurants,
churches and on and on.  It's been great.

Now back to my 'things' finds... it's a small pile this week.
The pillow is for our summer cottage ($1)
and the old fabric (actually curtains) will land on Etsy.
I love these sweet hankies.  At 10 cents each pack - 
I'm happy to have them for my purse. 

And I found plants!  At one yard sale today I praised a flower
 growing in a lady's shaded bed.  She offered to dig some up for me!
  I'm thrilled to have this hardy begonia to give 'style' to my back border...

Then at another sale - the oxalis (purple) was $1 and the 
little plant (purple coneflower) was 50 cents.
Both are flowers that I don't have.

What a fun week this has been.  
Now remember - go get on your community facebook page.  
Would love to hear how it proves to be a blessing in your life - 
cause I feel certain it will be!  ~Joyce

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