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Jun 2, 2017

Some Local History, Garden Things and Great Friday Finds Haul...

I feel like I've been traveling far and wide lately to get goods - 
and its not always been worth the jaunt.  Yesterday was one of those 
'high mileage/low goods' days.  But I did pick up 4 old receipt tablets (right).  
They are for a local business that no longer exists - so I inquired.

Turns out Grove's Meat Market was owned by the garage sale
 lady's father.  I asked where it had been and she steered me in the
 direction of this building - built in the 50s.  I pass this place often
 and never knew it was once a meat market!  
Love little tidbits like that.  They help make up for the mileage thing.

But today was a great haul day.  First - I found several really
 cheaply priced garden things. These 4-packs of alyssum were 50 cents.  
And a climbing bean plant - been wanting one of those - was 25 cents.
(She even put them in this nice basket for me - no charge!)

And perfect for that bean plant - this trellis was 50 cents!

And one more garden thing... a large planter for this corner of 
my yard - also just 50 cents!

My vintage-goods haul looks like this and cost $29... 

It includes a whole pile of 'L' monogram linens, some early button-
 close shams and a lovely fringe edged candlewyck runner...

This composition Japan bobblehead caught my eye - 
so I'll give it a whirl on Etsy and see what happens... 

The chicken graphics cards are actually ink blotters.

I spent a little more than my norm to get 3 old ledgers - 
in excellent condition with old script writing... 

 Some porcelain things (Noritake and Limoges), an old tin game board 
and even some ruby glass & silver made it to my stash today.

I just love Fridays!  Thanks for following along ~Joyce

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Betsy said...

Wow! You really did find some fun things today. Years and years ago,I made a candlewick Christmas tree skirt. I promised to give it to Mandy when she moved out and got her first Christmas tree. Boy, she didn't waste anytime reminding me of that her first Christmas on her own! I love your finds that you have. I've been looking for a nice size planter for myself but I don't want to pay the $20 new that the stores are wanting for a plastic planter. You had quite the bargain at $.50.
Blessings, Betsy


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