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Jul 5, 2016

How To Pick a Wrong Wall Paint Color...

Our family room - which adjoins our 'almost finished' remodeled kitchen - 
needed an overhaul.  I was tired of white.  Although it worked - 
I was just tired of it.   And the border needed to 'go'!
 'Do gray' many said.  Now I know that's a current popular color -
 but I wasn't sure it was in the right tones for me and all the 
honey colored wood we have going on in this room.
(And for some reason - I want to keep that wood - in style or not!) 
But I listened to the voices & went out and found 2 samples and
 slapped them up there for a week or so and then picked one.  
(The one on the right).  And I tho't - 'ya know? This can work!'

And I don't like it!  Not sure I 'hate' it - but I don't like it.  
It's just not quite the direction I want to go.  
Feels too 80's country or primitive or something...

 And next to the kitchen (you're getting a sneak peek here again...) -
 it just doesn't feel right (and looks really 'blue').

I had my own gut feeling at the beginning of this paint choosing process.  
But I didn't listen to it. 

I feel a bit like Eve who was fine with what she knew to do 
('You may eat of any tree in the garden except this one...') - 
until someone suggested something 'else'.  I realize my paint
 choices are not right or wrong in the sight of  God.  But still - I was swayed 
by popular opinion... which in this case was not wrong - but also
 wasn't right - for me.  Thankfully - it's not the end of the world.
  And today I picked out another color.   I'll share about that process shortly.

May all your decisions today be God honoring and make your heart smile!  ~Joyce


Betsy said...

I know gray is the "in" color right now. And will probably be "out" next year! Our daughter's entire interior is painted in two shades of gray and it's just lovely...but it's not me. We have a color called "Country Cream" in most of the house with a few accent walls in a shade of blue that I love. I need to face it, I'll never be in style in decorating or clothes choices. :-). My vote is go with what YOU love.

Henny Penny said...

Amazing how blue that gray looks beside the kitchen. I am not a gray person either, in clothes or anything else. Every piece of clothing I've ever bought in the color gray has wound up in the yard sale stuff. I really like the wood in that room too! Can't wait to see what you've picked out.

D said...

Goodness Joyce. I 'hear' ya. Really. The gray shades go well with pure whites. But the golden wood toned paneling necessitates something in the slightly creamy undertones. Is your kitchen wood cabinet paint along those lines??
I've lugged painted wall and wood pieces to the paint store lately. We settled on Behr 'Ramie' for the walls in our new space, with Antique White for trim. The Ramie is sort of a neutral sand color , but I'm thinking sort or dried plant fiber tan undertones. Subtle. Very. Look online @. Color chart?? An experienced paint guy helped us. Anyway. Pick what you want!!! D. Maybe I'll send you a pic?

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Sorry you didn't like the gray , after painting.. Cant wait to see what color you choose.
We just moved into an OLD house, and had to repaint every room..Wow, was picking out colors hard.. Everyone would give me a different color choice.. ha So hard to choose.
Have a blessed week.


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