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Jun 29, 2016

Our Kitchen Remodel Part 1 - A Hutch Cupboard...

As I've been hinting - we've just remodeled our kitchen.  
There are still unfinished areas -  but operation 'move everything
 back into the cabinets' is finally finished as of today.

Since we changed the layout of our kitchen a bit - I had room to do
 something 'different' at one end of the cream painted cabinets.  
I did this... 
 Inspired a bit by this...
Via Better Homes & Gardens/Pinterest

Here is a glimpse of this same area 'before' and 'during' 
the mess of deconstruction...

And now - I have a pretty and safe place for my 'fancy' dishes...
(which I actually use fairly often - call me 'old fashioned'.) 
This is not a separate piece of furniture - rather just
standard kitchen cabinets from Kraftmaid that we 
put together to look like a 'hutch'.

When arranging things on shelves - it's good to vary heights and
 leave some blank space for the eye to rest.  My 'hutch' doesn't have all the 
blank space it should perhaps - but the dishes are in there and I'm happy!
Formerly they resided in the glass doors wall cabinet you see here.
  They were crammed in there! 
(Just trust me when I tell you our former kichen was very cheap and showing much wear - 
photos can lie!)
Glass dishes do not show up well in dark cabinets.  
So we put in a light colored back wall.  White doilies also help...

The few depression glass dishes I have were from my mother.  
So of course - they are special to me...

I would have liked to fit a desk into the kitchen but there wasn't enough room.  
Turns out - the bottom of this cupboard may serve us well as a
 computer/telephone center.

I'm sure I'll continue to play with what goes where - 
but I'm truly enjoying my new 'hutch' cabinet.

More kitchen pics in the days ahead!  ~Joyce


Betsy said...

I really like your new hutch. I have a Hoosier cabinet in the dining area that I use in much the same way. I keep my Grandma's depression glass there and use it often too. My Grandma taught me so much and using her dishes brings her back to me just a little. I look forward to seeing the rest of your kitchen.

D said...

We're in the midst of similar projects! Love that cupboard for you fancy dishes. Yes! Use them! Deedy

Henny Penny said...

I love the way the hutch looks there. It is perfect and makes your kitchen and the fancy dishes look even prettier. I don't have a lot of fancy or expensive things, but I use what pretty dishes I do have. Why keep them for someone else to enjoy.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

So pretty.. You did a great job on the cabinet.


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