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Jul 30, 2016

Saturday Sightings - Uncovered Romance And a Bullish Encounter...

Imagine my delight when I came upon an unadvertised yard sale sign 
pointing the way to a country home in an older development.  
Turns out the home owner had died unexpectedly -  the house was sold quickly - 
and the contents needed to be unloaded.  Thus - a last minute yard sale... 
where everything was going cheap.  We were told to look in cabinets, 
drawers and everywhere.  It felt very strange and invasive - gave me 
mixed feelings for sure.  There wasn't a lot left when I arrived - 
but these are some of my favorite finds that others overlooked...
Shoes available here and cake topper available here

Apparently 'Barbara' lived in this house - judging from the 
sentiments on the senior photos she saved.  
And Barbara was well-liked...

In fact - she had a special admirer!  
"To the Most beautiful girl of the senior class"...
"When are we going on our date?"...
Did she marry "Ken" I wonder?  

In the box of recipes - I found a little handmade recipe booklet from the 70s.  
It contained cookie recipes - put together from a neighborhood exchange.  
I love that idea!  My neighborhood is not that 'close'. Maybe I need to work on that!

To round out my pleasant morning... I came upon this guy -
 standing right up at the roadside fence.  When I got close to take 
a picture - he started to get a little ornery, 'huffed' at me and I saw
 his front hoof begin to do motions... I got out of there!

I'll leave you with a cookie recipe as a last nod to 'Christmas in July'...
Now I need to get some cleaning done.
How did you spend your Saturday morning?  ~Joyce


Betsy said...

Well, we were at the lake, but came home because we need to be at church earlier than normal tomorrow morning, usually we just drive in on Sunday mornings. It was a hot day out there and I'm really kind of glad to be home. Your story of the estate sale made me a bit sad. The thought of strangers going through all of her things that must have meant the world to her and nothing to her family or others. It does make you realize how fleeting life is and "stuff" just isn't very important in the end.

Joyce @ WP said...

'at the lake' - do you have a house at the lade Betsy? Sounds lovely! Yes - I felt a little sad at the house sale too. Felt 'guilty' almost. And made me think about various things for sure.


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