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Jul 28, 2016

Budget Chair Cushion DIY with Easy Removeable Cover (No Zipper!)...

Someone gave me a white wicker chair (love!) - with no cushion.
Wicker cushions are not cheap.  And this one needed to be fairly large.   
But if you scout out thrift stores long enough - you can usually 
find what you need.  I think I looked just a couple of weeks.   

 Today - I covered it - in under an hour - for our updated family room.  
My fabric?  Why my thrifted shower curtain of course (right from my bathroom!)  
But it was just the right soft green and I had another 
shower curtain in my stash that could replace it - so no worries.
This other blogger's tutorial may be easier to follow - but here's what I did.  
(After I washed that shower curtain.)

1.  Measure that pillow - then add approx. 1 - 1 1/4" on each side.  
This will allow for the puffiness of the pillow if you make your seam allowance about 1/2".  
Cut one long strip the width you need (about 25" in my case) to
 wrap around that pillow to cover both sides plus 6-7" extra to overlap.  
This will allow an 'envelope style' so you can slip your pillow 
inside with no zipper or closure needed.

2.  Fold under a small seam on the short ends and stitch them 
(like a hem) so there are no loose or unstitched edges.
3.  Fold your fabric just how the finished case will be (right sides together) - 
making that overlap.  Carefully line everything up and pin the edges 
making sure you have it the same width all across. (It's all about the measuring!)

4.  Simply stitch the 2 sides closed.  
I rounded my corners a bit so the pillow won't have pointy corners. 

5.  Flip right side out and stuff that pillow inside. 
 (My pillow was large and pretty stiff - but I got it in there.)

Happiness is a 'new' chair that cost almost nothing. 
Have I convinced you to shop at thrift shops yet?  ~Joyce 

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Betsy said...

Perfect! What a great find and a wonderful wa to cover the cushion.

The Charm of Home said...

How smart and it looks great! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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