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Jul 12, 2016

Sweet Annie - A Garden to Window Story...

 Due to remodeling projects - our little vegetable garden went
 unplanted and uncared for this year.  So - it had some weeds... just a few...
 But to my delight - voluntary Sweet Annie plants also sprang up - huge ones.  
My Love mentioned that the garden was quite an eye sore for passers-by - 
but I assured him that the Sweet Annie growing in there made up for it.  
And as soon as it reached 'ball' stage I would harvest it to create
 aromatic bundles for here, there and everywhere.

But yesterday was a whole new day and while mowing the lawn,
 My Love felt the urge to remedy the 'eyesore' garden situation.  
No 'sweet annie' conversation even remotely entered his mind.
  While I was happily painting a little cupboard - inside the garage... 
he was happily improving our curbside appeal  - outside the garage. 

Imagine my shock and dismay when I walked out of my happy place - 
glanced in the direction of the garden -  and found My Love putting
 the finishing touches on his 'project'.  Every 'weed' - including a new 
flower I had quickly planted there till I had time to figure out where I 
wanted it - was cut down and mowed over.  Every. One.  
Nothing left to reseed... nothing. 

It wasn't my finest hour... the garden project was quickly abandoned 
and well... we each had some things to work through and forgive.

Today I decided those felled branches (little 'ball' stage or not)
 would be part of my window decor for the 'gray paint' room. 

It now has it's 2nd coat of paint (no more gray), some new lace curtains ...

... and now some Sweet Annie (with a bit of faux ivy mixed in)...

And if you look close - you can see my new paint color called Lamplight.
The garden?   I guess we'll work on our communication skills and
 revisit that at another time. 
(Please tell me this sounds familiar!)

Hello windows!  What stories you have to tell...


Betsy said...

So sad. I'm sure he felt very bad for having done that. My husband wouldn't have a clue as to what was a flower or a weed. I have to keep my flowers in pots, (except the roses), or I'm sure they would have been mowed down months ago. Oh, well. It will all regrow. Love your paint. I need to revisit painting some rooms in our house this winter.

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

He felt bad indeed! It was a learning curve for both of us. Not sure the Sweet Annie will come back. They reseed themselves - and they were cut down before the little seed heads had formed. Also - the newly planted flower is 'gone'... (I don't remember what I even was!). But on to the next thing :)

Henny Penny said...

Absolutely, it sounds familiar! For years I've tried to grow a Sweet Betsy shrub. Finally, got one big enough to put in the ground in the best spot I could find. Couple of weeks ago I discovered Poppy had whacked it down with the weed-eater. I don't think it was meant for me to have a Sweet Betsy. I don't know what Sweet Annie is, but sure want to find out. Your new paint looks beautiful and I love the curtains and Sweet Annie arrangement.

D said...

Joyce... so many things are accomplished in our lives, and yet we (me too) struggle with disappointments that come each day. Often the little things hurt the most. I understand. Thankyou for honestly sharing how you dealt with it. Bring it to Jesus, again and again! (your new paint and curtains? Lovely!) D

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Sometimes you just have to look back and realize that what we think is something great may not be what men think is great! But, now he knows. 😳


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