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Aug 1, 2014

Local Ephemera Project...

Yesterday's impromptu thrifting stop yielded a treasure that's 
been on my 'to find' list for quite a while.  (See?  It paid to stop!)

Some years ago I found a bit of paper ephemera relating to a 
once existing railroad that went through the town of our summer cottage.  
That find was just $1 and truly a treasure.  Just look at the neat script writing...

Cornwall Lebanon Railroad - Colebrook, Mount Gretna, PA
 Now - can you see what I found yesterday that I needed for my railroad paper?  Yep - that frame -complete with glass!  The paper is an unusually long size and I just wasn't finding anything that would work.... till yesterday.
 I gave it a coat of red paint (no primer needed - super quick.)
  But it was still a bit bigger than my railroad paper.
  So I took a classified page from a 1950's newspaper
 (found in our cottage when we moved in) - ironed it to help remove creases...
 ...and used it as a matting of sorts. 
 I'm just delighted to have this piece of local memorabilia 
in our very small, but growing, collection.

1 comment:

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Oh wow, I just love it! Great find... be careful...the newspaper might eventually stain that lovely piece of ephemera.


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