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Aug 18, 2014

Art Show, Window Boxes, Moss, and Lost Photos...

It's a sad day when you lose all the photos off your camera - 
and that's exactly what happened to me.  
My techy hubby was able to recover a few - but a very few.  
So without further adieu - let me show you a glimpse from my 
weekend when we attended an Art Show in Mt. Gretna, PA.

This sweet gal's booth, who paints everything you see here, 
 gets the 'best of show' vote in my opinion...

And this dear lady had the best looking patchwork tote bag.  
I asked the couple to pose for me - and they did!  
But sadly - that picture is one of the 'lost'.

Mt. Gretna, PA - as I've often mentioned before,
is home to many, many old summer cottages from around 1900.  
This cottage owner knows how to do a window box... or 2 or 3...

Yep - a dorky shot of us.  We do NOT know how to do selfies!

This lovely moss wall was behind one of the cottages. 

Moss abounds in Mt. Gretna due to all the tree cover...

And this guy gave quite a show to the passers by...
And that is extent of the photos that were saved.
  Most of these would not have made it to a post, 
but since so few were rescued - I had to include every one.
Have you ever lost your camera pictures?

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Oh I loved your photos. Perfectly happy. The window boxes are gorgeous and I think I'd like to have a visit with the lady in the first picture!


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