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Aug 15, 2014

Fall Vignettes At the Thrift Shop...

  These were some of my displays from this week at the thrift shop.  
I'm trying to work with Fall colors at this point.

We get jars with dried beans donated fairly regularly.  
I guess people are 'over' them in their home decor.
They seem to look good in vignettes whether 'current' or not.  
Tip: add vintage items and a grouping will always be 'in style'.

To soften vignettes so they don't look like a bunch of plopped objects - 
I like to use fabric or flowers.  In these first 2 groupings - I
 incorporated some ladies' scarves in fall coloring.
(Yes - that tangled mess of threads above is actually a scarf.)

While sifting through the 'book room' in my search for inspiration, 
I came upon this vintage children's book.  
I thought the colors and art on the
 cover were perfectly 'fall' - so I went with it.

A Fall necktie helps ground this attempt at a manly vignette.  
The dog was the right color so even though he may
 have 'child appeal' - I used him.  Man's best friend right?

I must say - I'm not quite in the mood for Fall yet.  
Life goes way too fast!

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Your groupings were very pretty Joyce. I'm not a bit ready for fall yet either. I feel as though summer has only just begun this year but I guess time does march on even if we're not quite ready for it.


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