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Apr 17, 2013

Pretties In My Mailbox...

I just have to share some of the beautiful images that have shown up - 
mostly via 'junk  mail' - in my mailbox recently...
 Have you gotten some of these pretties?  The beautiful card, 
seals and envelopes are from Habitat for Humanity
 (an organization I'm willing to support).  
The watering can is part of some pretty address labels 
that came from another organization.
(unsolicitied - but they are pretty.)
 And lastly - I no longer go to the post office to buy my stamps.  
Instead - I use their little mailer and order thru my mailbox - 
no postage needed.  I always write in a special request for 
'something pretty' or 'something feminine'.  It's fun to see 
what they think 'pretty'!  Just look at these beautiful flower stamps I received.
Makes paying bills even almost fun... almost...
What postage stamps are you using right now?

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