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Apr 16, 2013

Garden Things...

We're trying something different with our postage stamp sized 
vegetable garden this year.  We're incorporating a bit of Square Foot Gardening...
 We're not doing everything quite by the book - so we'll see what happens.  
(Using our own compost in the raised bed - rather than the more expensive recommended mix.)  
But already I can say - I really like planting and
 digging in the raised bed better than at ground level.
 Dear Miss Hen (Our chickens have names per our daughter - 
but I don't know which one she is....) is our trained garden weeder.  
Maybe we could rent her out! :)
So far we've planted potatoes, sugar snap peas,
 onions, lettuce and radishes.  Planting is the easy part... 
Getting everything to grow?  Another story!
 How is your garden growing?

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