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Feb 2, 2012

A Photo a Day For February...

Over at Fat Mum Slim - there is a photo-a-day 
party being hosted.  I'm hoping to play along.   
There is a theme for each day in February.
I need to simply take a photo and share it.  
It started yesterday - so I'm a day late.  
But today's assignment was 'Words'...
  I keep this precious note in my bible.  She had 
it laying on the table for me one Sunday morning.  
I was having a hard time with my arms 
(a rare neuro. disease I have - doing very well 
now though).  It was simply written on a piece 
of scrap paper - but what a gift!

You can follow along...
I promise to blog about my usual thrifty goodness -
but will include the daily photo at the end of each post.  
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1 comment:

michelle said...

That is so precious, I love little surprises like that, they mean the world. So glad that you are doing better now too. :)


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