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Feb 4, 2012

My Ladders...

Over at Funky Junk - the theme for tonight's  
Saturday Night Special Party is ladders.  So 
here's a peek at mine.  First in the kitchen - 
a ladder on the ceiling (made by My Love a long 
time ago) acts as a divider from the family room.  
It's a great place to dry my roses and herbs...
 ...and in my living room - I have a small 
tobacco lathe ladder (a store prop I purchased 
when the store was closing).  It displays various 
linens and some vintage purses that I use 
for special occasions...
Today's Photo A Day theme is 'Stranger'...
I don't believe cigarettes belong in our world
period - but certainly not littered all along the 
road.  This one landed in my front yard (along 
with many others.)  A stranger indeed!

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