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Feb 10, 2012

Fruit Crate Redo...

I had a fruit crate that looked less than best - 
so I gave it a little face lift...
Before - someone had painted 2 of the sides and 
there was a coating of yucky stuff on the inside...

My solution was to prime and paint everything 
a Tiffany's blue (leftover from a previous 
project), coat with a layer of watered glaze 
and then wipe it off.
I left the ends in bare wood and just gave them 
a  layer of glaze to darken them.  (That step 
resulted in a bad smell - so I'm hoping it 
will go away.)  Otherwise - I'm liking it!
Photo A Day theme - 'self portrait'...
I took better ones - but I can't figure out how to 
use the red eye feature in my new editing program - 
so this one will have to do.
Just Listed in my Etsy Shop...

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