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Apr 24, 2016

Placemats or Tablecloth...

In setting my table today for a small gathering of 4... 
I was contemplating using placemats in lieu of a tablecloth.

But it looked too crowded and busy for such a small table.  
Then it hit me - 
...one placemat in the center would be perfect! 

And it complemented a jar of irises and lilacs nicely.

The lilacs are not quite in full bloom - 
so they should get prettier as the week goes on.

And those would be 'ants on a log' hiding underneath - 
also known as celery with peanut butter and raisins.
This was my first fresh flower cutting of the season.  

 Soon we'll enjoy some picnic table dining and placemats will work there.  
Welcome warm weather!  ~Joyce 
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Happy@Home said...

Your idea with the placemat looks just right. The flowers are so pretty. I would love to get a whiff of the lilacs.

Betsy said...

Very pretty table. You have a talent for that kind of thing that I sure wasn't blessed with! Our lilacs are blooming profusely all over town right now. I adore the smell of them but they are around way too short a time.


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