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May 17, 2016

My First Dumpster Dive...

I've done my share of scavenging at free piles and roadside finds...
 and have even pulled a goodie or 2 right out of a stranger's trash can.   
But hadn't ever taken all these antics to the 'dumpster diving' level.
  Can't say that anymore...

While taking a walk in my summer cottage neighborhood - 
I discovered a house that is newly 'for sale' (at least there are
 homemade signs at the windows) and being emptied...

On the far side of the cottage is sitting this innocent looking dumpster.  
 Of course I wandered over to take a peek...

 We've had lots of rain - so there is standing water in the bottom
 and piles of yuck and rust. See anything?
(there are several things - but I try to be sensitive to My Love's garage space...)
This is not quite how I spied it originally - but my interest was the blue can.  
It had been laying on its side with the lid slightly askew and I could see
 a bit of the contents.  It was those contents that intrigued me.  
So nervous as all get-out -  I drove back with my little step ladder
 and a long stick and climbed in...

Turns out the contents included some old feedsack fabric.   
It will need washing and I see some storage and age marks.

 Don't know if it was worth it or not - 
but I made the rescue and we'll see how they clean up.
I have a feeling that dumpster will be sitting there for a while.  
And I just may be revisiting.

Definitely my thrill for the day!

Have you ever actually 'dumpster dived' (dove)?  ~Joyce



Betsy said...

Nope. Can't say that I have, but you sure found a wonderful treasure there. I would never have thought to go look. On another note. I think your neighborhood looks enchanting to walk in. I feel I'm in a concrete jungle at home but love to walk at the lake. Have fun diving!

Henny Penny said...

I never have, but would love to. I need a little more nerve. My daughter has though and found some good things. I would be tickled to death over what you found. I even like the old can. It reminds me the the old lard stands.

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

My first "dumpster dive" was when I was 9! Found a beat up old vanity bench and dragged it home to our apartment. Then when I was in high school I painted it and re-did the fabric cushion. Finally sold it in my late twenties. Should have kept it, now that I think back! :)


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