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Apr 6, 2016

Got Scarves? ... More Vignettes...

Today's thrift store vignettes feature lots of scarves.
They seem to be my signature ingredient.  They soften 
the hard edges and vintage scarves are aplenty in a thrift shop.

For my first grouping, I noticed we had a whole bunch of 
milk white vases and compotes  that aren't selling.  
So I paired some of them with sage green
and we'll see if any of them move this week. (note - scarf #1)...

 In the 'games' area - a pricer had bagged these donated Scrabble signs.  
They're all glued and ready for Mother's Day.  
I couldn't let them in the 'games' area.  So I moved them front and center...

..in a novelty 'mom' display. (note - scarf #2)...

I found this pillow hiding in a basket.  It's a beautiful silky coral
 beaded fabric - but has some imperfections.  
In a grouping though?  Perfect!  (note - scarf #3)...

 I've been trying to get this set of wildlife books 
to sell for several weeks now.  No go!

 But just maybe paired with the ducks and a canoe scene mug - 
this will be the week...
And nope - no scarf in this vignette - (since it's on the men's rack).
But there's a foliage printed napkin underneath.

Would any of these catch your eye?

Thanks for stopping today!  ~Joyce

1 comment:

Betsy said...

I always enjoy seeing your displays. The first two really caught my eye today. I would think a guy would like the birds. I wonder if the reason the books aren't selling is that everyone uses the Internet these days. I was talking to a high school student the other day and mentioned encyclopedias. He had absolutely NO IDEA what I was talking about. Had never heard of an encyclopedia! Can you imagine? Life is a-changing isn't it?


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