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Apr 15, 2016

Selling My Youth - An 80s Music Post...

As a teenager and young adult - I was sucked into the
 Contemporary Christian Music scene.  I'm not much of a fan now -
 but I lived and breathed it then.   For some reason - I still have all
 my old records - decades later!  And I've decided it's time for a

Turns out I was a big fan of Evie - she was on the softer side.  
I actually bought 4 of her records new I believe!  Kinda a big deal
 for this gal who had a pretty limited budget at the time...

But always a study in contrasts - I was also a big fan of David and the Giants -
 a group with much more of an edge to their style.  
In fact much of my music had an edge. Why?  

I believe part of me was trying to prove something to those around me.  

I was raised in a somewhat conservative Christian home - but had
 my ways of trying to fit into the the 'liberal' crowd....
I'm also realizing in my older and wiser? years - that music can be a bit of a drug.  

Diving music carries you along.  
I heard some of  the words - but I really heard the music.  

As I'm relistening to these albums to make sure they play well - 
I'm realizing that the messages in many of them were a bit - well - shallow.

Others tho - have stayed with me for life.
'Casual Christian' by DeGarmo & Key left a strong impact.
I don't wanna be, I don't wanna be a casual Christian
I don't wanna live, I don't wanna live a lukewarm life
Because I wanna light up the night
With an everlasting light
I don't wanna live the casual Christian life

I'm also finding it amusing that my bargain hunting endeavors
 started very early in life.  I 'd go to my local Christian bookstore
 and search through their discounted bins looking for overlooked treasures.

And I found some!  
Stuff that I took a chance on but wasn't stuff I had ever heard of.   
I believe The Hope was one of those groups...

So it's a trip down memory lane for me this week.   
A bit of a soul searching time...  
Life in the 80's... it was what it was.   


Cheryl said...

Oh, my! This took me down memory lane, too! I used to love Evie, too! She still sings on the Gaither Homecoming shows from time to time, I think. What a blessing! Thank you for sharing, and have a blessed day!

Henny Penny said...

I didn't recognize any of those...must be my age! My husband and I have quite a big collection of albums. I still listen to some of them occasionally on my record player.


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