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Nov 2, 2015

When Following God's Leading Doesn't Go As Planned - a New Venture...

Recently I blogged about moving into a new antique mall.  
I loved my space and the timing was perfect.
  Sadly - after 2 months... I was losing too much money and didn't feel 
I could continue hanging on until there could be a turnaround.  
But I had felt God was in it - what do I do with that?

Well....during those 2 months - a girlfriend of mine who loves to go
 to auctions but has never been a 'dealer' decided to move in too.
  She took a big room and is so excited about this new
venture in her life - a welcome diversion for her.
 And turns out she's a 'natural' - as I knew she would be.
So perhaps following God's leading was just a stepping stone for me
and a big boost for a friend... 

Just as I gave my notice that I'd be moving out - I received notice
 from another local mall that they now had space for me.  
Really?  Wasn't expecting that!  And just in time for the holidays!

It's a challenging space - with no walls.  But a quick trip to an auction 
(there just 'happened' to be one down the road the very week I needed one)  
yielded a tall dresser that will provide a wall illusion.
The dresser begins my booth - the little blue legged table is the end.

Once you're in the 'booth' itself - it does feel cozy...

I have big things in place - 'smalls' will come later this week hopefully...

And where might this new mall be?  It's the  Quentin Antique Shoppe.  
It's super cute in a sweet little village (perfect for taking a stroll)
 with a very nice historic restaurant right across the street.   
And did I mention the owners are a delight?
Love her front Fall display...

How will I do here?  Again - don't know.  But I'm just loving this
  journey and all the lessons and encounters along the way.  
Stay tuned... we'll see how this goes...
and visit the shop's Facebook page!!


Henny Penny said...

This made me think of the quote, when one door closes, another door opens. Good luck in your new space. It looks really pretty.

Betsy said...

Of fun! Decorating a new space. I hope you and your friend do well in your new spaces. Love that dresser!


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