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Nov 12, 2015

New Listings In the Shop...

It's time to again share with you some of the listings I've added to my Etsy shop.  
(Click on the pinkish words to go directly to the 'for sale' page.)

One of my favs is this pair of clip-on porcelain bird ornaments.
  Aren't they sweet?

These motto boards feature crushed 'velvet' in green - 
making them a viable Christmas decor choice...

Love the graphics on this coat sewing pattern - and there are 5 more
 vintage sewing patterns that go with it - all for coats & jackets!

These little mercury glass ornaments are sized for a
 feather tree - in silver and some bonus ones in pastels...

What is it about Christmas and music?  
This Concord Anthem book does not contain just Christmas music
 - but with its pop of red color - it certainly will display well!

And just yesterday I picked up these figural Santa ornamentss -
 made in Austria!
Thanks for visiting.  And remember - Santa makes a fun 'feel good' story - 
but don't let him replace or in any way be the Jesus in your Christmas.  
We choose to not do Santa at all in our home.
And take time for Thanksgiving - which comes first as it should!

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Lovely decor items Joyce. I like the little birds best. We don't "do" Santa in our house either. Nice story. Outer children all knew it, but we impressed upon them that Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas in our home.


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