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Nov 25, 2015

Tips To Have a Thrifty Christmas - Gift Giving...

It's been a while since I offered some thrifty tips.. but with Christmas just around the corner and a nudge from a contact - I thought I'd again share some of the ways I try to keep this season 'on budget'. 
 Remember - this season is not about outdoing your loved ones...
 rather it's about sharing love - a Perfect Love - 
which costs much in value but little in dollars and cents.  
Gift Giving Tips...

Starting here because this is the area where people tend to 'blow it'.
  But there's no need.  

1.  Give little tokens of appreciation to your mailman, newspaper carrier etc. 
throughout the year.  Then feel free to take a break over Christmas
 when they will be well remembered by everyone else.   
It's not too late to give them a Thanksgiving gift! 

 2.  Keep a gift drawer/closet of bargain finds.  You can draw from it 
for the unexpected gift need.. i.e. hostess gift when invited to a party; 
gift from someone you weren't expecting; teacher gift, etc.

3.  Limit immediate family gifts to 3 items in remembrance of the 
3 gifts given to baby Jesus by the wisemen.

4. Set a very reasonable dollar amount and stick to it!  
You can give great gifts that total way less than $50 if you watch
 sales and promotions and go handmade (see next tip).  
Your child will live if they don't get the 'latest craze' gift - I promise!

5.  Think 'Handmade'.  Ideas - signs, gifts from your kitchen 
(who doesn't love chocolate dipped pretzels with sprinkles?), 
craft items (check Pinterest for ideas), hand made greeting card bundles, 
enlarged framed photography, banners and garlands, and on and on...

6.  No need to give a gift to every extended family member. 
 Ask for a 'name exchange' and buy just 1 gift per family side.   
If they won't go for that - give gifts of time - not money.  
Outings with 'Aunt Jo' to the park or an afternoon learning to
 crochet will make many more memories than any store gift ever could!  
Or how about a whole family gift of dinner at your house in June
 with a campfire and s'mores?  
(Our extended families don't exchange gifts at all... and I love that!)

7.  Regift.  Just because someone gave it to you doesn't mean you can't 
give it to someone else if it's not quite your thing.  
Or maybe - you don't need it and someone else does!   

And since this post is getting longer than my usual - I will stop here
 and pick up in a few days with 7 more tips for you.

A very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving to each of you my readers.

I'm off to set a pretty table and do some cleaning...  ~Joyce

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Thank you for all of the wonderful tips. I started a gift drawer a few years ago and it has proven invaluable when I need a quick gift. I think during these days of sales I should try do do some restocking since my Christmas list is fairly complete! Happy Thanksgiving!


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