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Aug 29, 2015

Moving Day...

This past week has had a big change for me. 
I moved out of the antique mall where I've sold for over 15 years.
And today I began the move into a new space in a different location...
It's a little scary...  The shop is small and trying to get revitalized.
  While I was setting up - it was encouraging to see the shoppers
come through.  There were even several familiar faces! 
Will they like my stuff is the question. 
I definitely have a more 'cottage' flair than the other dealers.  
But - I get a whole room all to myself and look at it...
 Those old white board walls practically beg for 'cottage'. 
And it also has 3 windows!  They hurt wall space a bit -
but you can't beat natural light!

This old built in cupboard opens into my room and is available for my use. (squeal!)

And my heart skipped a beat when I noticed the old lace curtains
 already hanging at the windows...
I'm thinking it already feels like home.  And there's a peace in my heart.
 The rent is right - I got my favorite room in the whole building -
 there is a new (very busy!) ice cream restaurant across the road -
 the people are very nice - God seems to be saying 'yes' -
so we'll give it a whirl!

Change is good for the soul I'm finding...



Betsy said...

I really like your new space! The walls, curtains and light are perfect. I would like to move into this space! :-) so much fun to makeover a new place. My heart is happy for you.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Your space looks wonderful! I hope you have lots of success there!

BumbleBeeLane said...

It looks wonderful! Homey and comfortable. Hope it does well,I always love discovering those types of little places.Warm Blessings~Amy

D said...

Love your new place! If I lived closer I'd SO shop there...best wishes and His blessings to you new endeavor...Deedy


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