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Aug 22, 2015

Throwing a Party With A Busy Schedule...

I decided to throw a Girl's Day Out Party
at our nearby summer cottage.   
As usual - I had precious little time to plan and create. 
So I resorted to my 'panic' method. 
First - I pray for ideas and a bit of creativity. 
Second - decide on a simple menu and ask others to bring something. 
Third - plan a simple décor. 
Fourth - think of an activity or 2. 
Fifth - be OK with what doesn't get done!
For this party's decor- I was thinking 'feminine'
 and 'What do I already have on hand?'   
I chose lace tablecloths, flowers from my garden and aqua mason jars. 
I also wanted something to serve as a canopy to say 'party'. 
I ripped an old white tablecloth into strips and tied them together
to create a long ribbon and then tied on shorter pieces 
here and there for a cascading effect.  
I may have spent about an hour on this project the night before. 

As I was hanging the bunting the next morning -
my neighbor  thought it looked like toilet paper.  (smile) 
I arranged bouquets onsite from a bucket of flowers from my garden at home - also snipped the night before. 
I figured whatever I didn't get done in décor before everyone got there -
we'd work at together once they did. 
(A great way to take pressure off!)
Bouquets were scattered on various lace-covered tables...
...and I called the 'decor' done! 
 (Amazingly - I got done before any guests arrived!)

So what was my simple menu?  
Chicken Salad (with grapes) on Croissants
Strawberry and Walnut Lettuce Salad with Celery Seed Dressing
Fresh Fruit Platter
I asked everyone else to bring (if their schedule allowed)
either a snack, appetizer or dessert.

Activity?   After lunch some went hiking and some went thrift shopping. 
We connected again at the cottage for a bit of chatting before we departed.
Worked out great!  Thank you Lord for an awesome day with friends!

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Betsy said...

This looks like a beautiful ladies day. I think the simple things are the best and you flower arrangements were gorgeous. I would have never thought of the bunting, but it works beautifully. I had to smile at your neighbors comment. :-). I wish I lived close enough to have been invited. I'm sure the entire day was lovely.

must love junk said...

Oh, that sounds like such a fun, wonderful day with friends! And everything looks gorgeous!


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