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Aug 26, 2015

Decorating A Room With 'Issues'...

 Are there areas or rooms in your home that you almost despise
 because they have 'issues'?  
Perhaps the floor needs replaced or the ceiling isn't finished... 
Today I helped a  friend see past the 'issues' of her basement. 
 I have no 'whole-room' pictures to show you because there still
 piles of things that need going through.  But after getting the furniture
in a cozy arrangement - we worked on a few vignettes.
 These help distract from anything in the room that is less-than-best.
Amazingly - she had just inherited an awesome dome topped trunk.  
A little stool inside for height would have been perfect - but we had none. 
So we stood up an abandoned drawer (yes really) and covered it in lace.
The lamp is electrified and needs rewired.  But here?  
It  doesn't matter if it works or not!
I was delighted to find some old books on her book shelves. 
This Mother Goose piece is a gem!
This next grouping on another old chest was a happy coincidence.
  We started with the child's chair and the window (another recent acquisition).  
Then we found the checkers game packed away in another room.
I'd like to believe that someone just may decide to play with it again,
now that it's 'out' and looking cute...
 My friend has blessed me many times over the years. 
Today - I had the privilege of blessing a bit in return -
all while doing one of my favorite things! 
Life is good...

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Betsy said...

You are so talented with decorating. I would have never thought to put those pieces together. How wonderful that you share your gift with others.

BarberryLane Designs said...

Come on over here, the coffeepot is on! How sweet of you to help your friend out. My basement is a fright, and the thought of letting anyone into my 'crafty' room is scary. This were Lovely vignettes and yes, beautiful things can distract from that suspicious, 'dead or alive?'-pile in the corner.

Angie Chavez said...

I have many rooms with "issues"! LOL! How sweet of you to help your friend see past hers and create some charming vignettes! Thanks for sharing at the Vintage Inspiration Party!


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