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Mar 5, 2015

Couples Night Out (or Belated Valentine Party)...

Wow - this post is almost a week after that fact.  Time flies and doesn't always
 allow the computer time we'd like.  But the reality is - that is a 'good' problem!  

But we did host a little couples get together this past weekend - 
and I wanted to show you the final details.   We did a valentine theme 
even tho it was 2 weeks after the holiday.  I've found with my friends - 
'late' seems to suit more people.

My party planning involved....
1. sending out invites  2. making a take-home gift
   3. planning decor   4. planning a menu  
5. planning a game  6. decorating  7. cooking

Weeks ahead - I found little wooden hearts at a thrift shop and 
embellished them as 'take-home' gift ornaments... 
These were super cheap and used materials I already had on hand. 
Valentine napkins and a few packs of hearts from Dollar Tree were other purchases.

Then the menu planning... 
the main dish was this wonderful chicken and pasta recipe 
with sun dried tomatoes (a first for me).  Everyone loved it!
Gluten Free Party tip - I made a gluten free version for our personal Valentine evening - then froze some for my portion the night of the party.  Worked great!

Back to decorating - I put three candles on the table - but felt my center candle needed something between the base and the candle.  
Spanish moss was happy to just lay there for me - yay! 
(there was a spike to hold the candle and moss in place)...

 The rest of my finds were pretty much just scattered across the table. 
A bit of on-hand lace and burlap finished things off...

 (shh - the whole spanish moss idea was really to hide yucky rust on this 1 candle plate...)
 I wanted a dessert bar - but that can be a lot of work.  
To keep it simple - I bought the strawberry cheesecake.   
Pellman's for $10 (thanks discount grocery store)...

 Red velvet cake and cappuccino pudding completed the round up.... 
and of course fresh strawberries for garnish.  
I shopped my house for red and white and used some leftover fresh flowers...
 The dessert forks were happy to reside in this glass pickle dish...
Our game?  I passed around candy conversation hearts 
and had everyone pick 2.  Then we had story time!
  They chose 1 date (do people do those any more?) to tell about - 
but they had to tell the story using the words on their hearts.  Fun!

Now on to the next big project which needs to be taxes - 
but they're no fun.... so why not rearrange a room instead? 
 Gonna be a big day!

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