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Mar 14, 2015

Saturday Sightings...Vultures!

 There's a nearby village that seems to attract an abnormally 
high number of vultures.  We usually see them roosting 
high in the trees or soaring overhead.  Today they were camped 
on the ground in a larger-than-normal massive group.  
(Photos are fairly cropped.) 
 These are the black headed vultures - slightly more attractive 
than the red headed turkey vultures.   They do have their 
saving graces - as do all of God's creatures.  
Their wings are very large and make an impressive sound when they 
take flight.  They are pretty quiet (they have no voice box).  
We also appreciate our clean roads ('nuf said).
While the black on the red canoes makes a neat contrast - 
I sorta pity the canoe owners.  Good thing the canoes are upside down!

The local village?  Our dear Mount Gretna, PA - home of our summer cottage.  
Today was turn-on-the-water and put-stuff-back-out-on-the-porch day.  
Soon we can head over for weekends.  Spring IS coming! 


Betsy said...

I don't believe I've ever seen so many vultures in one spot. Very interesting...and kinda icky too. lol. We have about another month before we can open up our trailer and stay at the lake. I'm counting the days.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I had never seen this type of vulture until we moved to Texas. The first time I saw them I was in shock. They are so creepy looking! But I just was telling my kids last week the same thing that you said...they keep the roads clean! So I am thankful for them. :)


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