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Mar 6, 2015

Friday Finds and Why I Bought Them...

We just had the biggest snow in several years yesterday (about 8") - 
but snow or no snow - there was a church rummage sale today!  
I had never been to this church sale before - but I'll definitely go again.  
It was great!  What made it great?  Prices, selection and get this - display!  
Any sale that takes the time to do a little displaying has my heart.  
Look what I spotted when I walked in...

 Yes - that great kitchen cabinet with things sweetly stashed around it.  
And a 50-cent-unless-marked sign...Rummage Sale heaven!  
I think I spent 45 minutes in this section alone.
   Cause right beside it was this little living room grouping...
 From this area I picked up the swan.  It's not vintage - 
but is a current enough look I think it will sell in the booth.  
At $2 - I can still make a little on it and my
 customers will think it's a bargain....  = Good Buy
Just yesterday I was thinking some faux flowers
 might be in order to help my booth look Spring-like.
  And look... surely there's a spring flower here somewhere... (there was!)
 They also did a good job of making the scarves look appealing... 
but I refrained...
Now - what did I get?
My most expensive item was the book of A B Frost drawings.  
If I'da had a smart phone - I might have passed.  It was $10.  
Can I get $20?   On eBay?  Maybe... some are selling; some are not.  
BUT - there's a book-guy that frequents my booth - 
and I'm thinking he'll pick it up - and probably for more like $30.

The Fairy Tales book seemed fairly safe at $3.  
The mirror? Ugly color - but simple enough to paint - only 50 cents.  
Everybody loves urns - so another safe buy at $2.
  Vintage unused photo albums sell for me - .50 ea.  
That big jug crock was only $5 - so it was a pretty safe buy too.  
The buttons were $1 - the jar is worth that!  
The heart sign?  Not vintage - but cheap holiday things usually 
sell in the booth.  But... I'll have to hold onto it for a whole year.

Old purses are always worth a look and straw ones sell.
The black one might be less desirable - but for 50 cents - why not?
 I rarely pick up flatware pieces unless they are unique.
But people use little sugar spoons in their canisters.  
 The other spoon touched my heart; it is engraved with 'Jesus Never Fails'.  
Will I be able to part with it?  We'll see after it's polished.  
Price?  Just 10 cents each!
What is it about finding bargains?  And being among such nice people?
It's some of the best therapy ever that's what! And only cost around $30. 

Blessings my friends!  ~Joyce


Betsy said...

I think the displays that you showed us are very nice too. You picked up some great finds. I need another pretty spoon for my sugar bowl. Thanks for the reminder.

Tammy said...

Wow! What a great sale! Great finds too !

D said...

Joyce,If you were a 'little' closer I would SO be thrifting and yardsaling with you! I need to find a sale-budy,now that we've moved! Excellent deals, and so nicely displayed. Bet your heart sang when you entered that room...D.

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Ok.... the hubs wants to know where the church is!!! Fun stuff!


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