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Jan 17, 2015

Customized $1 Valentine Invites...

I'm planning to host a Valentine's party next month and
needed a few invitations.  Pinterest has great handmade ideas. 
But 'handmade' means 'time'...

So I also checked out my local Dollar Tree.  
They had beautiful invitations that I thought would work.
So with a few fabric hearts & some machine stitching...

...I believe we're good to go.

Turns out - sometimes handmade can be 'bought' - 
for just $1 no less! 
Besides - I think to print my own might cost even more - ink is not cheap!
Now hopefully the rest of the planning will go as smoothly.
  Visit my Hearts and Valentines Board to see if you can spot my inspiration photo. 


Simply Shelley said...

I love the Valentine holiday, its a favorite next to Christmas. Holds fond memories for me. Your cards are lovely. A Valentine tea sounds fun to me, if only I had the energy to arrange one :) Blessings friend

Betsy said...

Beautiful! What a creative idea.


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