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Jan 16, 2015

Valentine Wall Hanging Project...

I'm continuing my mission to 'Revamp It to Sell It'...

Ashamedly - this project has been in the making 3 years!  
Tis pathetic I know...  But alas - it is what it is and
 I'm moving forward in my 'Do' mantra for 2015.

The wonderful old Victorian frame needed a little help and 
had no glass - so I decided a project was in order.
After feeling stalled 2 years ago

this morning I finally finished it.  
At least I'm calling it finished... I guess more could be done - 
but obviously I don't do well with a blank slate.

This was my first twig word art.  The supplies are simple enough.
 And 'Hug' went together very easily.  Gotta love a glue gun!
The little gingham patches?  I felt it needed some red - in fabric. 

And for another pop of red I gave the button heart...well a heart.

 I'm loving this twig art stuff!

Hopefully somebody likes my 3 year project and buys it up for Valentine's Day.

Now - booth or Etsy?  Maybe both!
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1 comment:

Betsy said...

WOW! This was really creative. I hope it sells for you very soon.


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