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Jan 6, 2015


I'm continuing my mission to get old inventory sold and outta here.   
Sometimes that means grouping in lots, sometimes lowering price, 
sometimes redoing or altering in some way... you get the picture.  

I have a little feedsack type bag.  My intent was to 'dress it up' 
by sewing a little patch on the front.   I had given it to my mother 
about 3 years ago for a little project to give her something to do.  
She knew how to do the edge stitch I was wanting (I didn't) 
and handstitching still seemed to work for her.  
After her death about a year later, I brought it home -
 assuming she had never worked on it. 

What a surprise when I pulled out the forgotten project today...

 There were her broken little stitches down one side.
  She had tried to do it - but it was just too hard for her.   
Aww....  the tears want to come...

This is a new stitch for me - but today was a good day to learn...

I'm getting there.  I think I'll also stitch a heart in the center of the patch.
How I love sweet moments such as these.
Does one ever get over the loss of a mother?
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Betsy said...

A beautiful post. How special to be able to finish up the little project from your mom. My Mom passed when I was 29 years old, over 25 years ago and I still miss her every. single. day. I have never gotten over it. I still pick up the phone to call her. I hope you enjoy the little bag.

sandy said...

A great reminder to cherish the time we have with our Mom, for those of us who are blessed to have our Mom still with us. Thanks!


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