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Jul 8, 2014

Grocery Bargains at Dollar Tree...

I don't promote everything at Dollar Tree to be a bargain.  
And I don't go 'grocery shopping' there per se.  
But I do drive right past on my way to the grocery store - so I often stop in.  
I have often pretty much ignored the food section - 
figuring the package sizes were just smaller and that's what made them $1.  
But... look what I found...
Tried pricing herbal tea or canned black beans lately?   
This tea is GOOD!   And yep - only $1.  
And $1 for a bag of dried black beans?  Yes please! 

Don't be afraid of dry beans - they are a thrifty shopper's best friend. 
They cook right up in a crockpot - 3-4 cans worth from one bag.
To cook dry beans - I basically just rinse the beans and throw them in the crockpot. 
Then fill it pretty far with water.  Turn on low overnight - they'll be done in the morning.  
(Freeze them for later use.)
If you need more detailed instructions - there are many websites (just search 'dry beans crockpot').

1 comment:

D said...

J..thanks for the reminder about cooking beans overnight in the crockpot. Good deal on the tea and beans! Dollar Tree and Family Dollar type stores seem to
offer lots of made in USA items, which is such a smart buy for all of us.


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