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Jul 28, 2014

From Immodest Maxi Dress to Modest Maxi Skirt...

One of my finds on my recent thrifting trip was a knit fabric maxi dress.  
It was the sleeveless - elastic across the bust kind.  But the colors were wonderful.  In fact, as I walked around the store with it hanging on my shoulder - 
several people commented that those were 'good colors' for me.  
So for $5 - home it came.  I figured I could transform it into a skirt.

Step 1 - cut off the elastic top.

 Step 2 - lay another maxi skirt, that fits, on top for a length estimate... 
 chop some more off the top of the non-elastic skirt portion.
 Step 3 - sew a large running stitch all the way around the top 
of the non elastic skirt portion.  
(tip - I sewed 2 running stitches - one between each side seam.  This made it easier to work with.)  
Pull the back thread of the running stitch to gather the fabric 
till it fits into the elastic portion.  Stitch together - 
with skirt inside out and right sides together.
 Step 4 - The elastic portion was just too deep for my waist - 
so I sewed it in half.  
(folded it down and sewed it onto the seam where the elastic portion meets the bottom part.) 
A new upcycled maxi skirt for me!  In great colors!
  (Sorry - the colors in this photo are very off...
nighttime indoor photography at its finest.)

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