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Apr 23, 2014

Vignettes - Going Green....

My favorite activity of the week is creating vignettes at my 
local thrift shop.  We have so many decorators now -
 its hard to find goods to use that aren't already utilized in a 
display, grouping or vignette somewhere in the shop. 

So .... I often resort to those items that are a little less popular.  
This is generally a fun challenge for me.

 Today - I went to the tote bags for inspiration - and found 3 - 
but only 2 would fit in my space - so here's the result...

The tallest bag says 'Green is not a color - it's a state of mind'.  
The other bag is linen in a perfect celadon green.
  The bamboo board and fruit round out the green theme.

A few spring colored items... 
(again - not overly popular - but together they look great!)

 And how about some fun coordinating colors just right 
for teens and tweens?
 Just goes to show - even ordinary objects can look good.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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