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Apr 12, 2014

Saturday Sightings - Unexpected Pleasures...

Back when I first started blogging - I had good intentions of doing 
a Saturday Sightings feature.  And I did.... a few. 
But today, I happened upon some neat things in my
 morning outing - and just had to share...

First up - I had no idea that I lived near this beauty.   Covered bridges used to be fairly familiar around here - but unfortunately - many have been victims of arson.  

Today I was on a small nearby road that I've apparently never 
been on before.  What a treat when I got to pass through this 
wondrous piece of local history on the old wooden floor boards.

And when I came out the other side - this great old stone and 
stucco farmhouse greeted me.  Love that tree too!

Second up - as I was driving down another back road I saw a 
horse go running full barrel into a pasture.  The owner was 
nearby and I stopped to ask if I could take pictures.
  "Sure thing"... was the reply.   "I have another horse I'm bringing out - 
you can stay and watch".  I learned that today was the first day 
the horse owner was letting her horses out to pasture
 after being cooped up all winter.  I was all prepared
 to get some great full-out running horse shots...

 "This horse is over 30 years old" I was told.  So out she came...
 ... ready to break into her first Spring gallop...

...or not! 
Apparently a good back scratching was all this horse desired.

 Too funny!

 "Have  a good day in the pretty sunshine my horse friend."

I'm thinking I like this meandering down country roads stuff.
And I love this area that I live in!

What did you do on this gorgeous Spring day?
  (Hopefully it was warm and sunshiny where you live too.)


Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Wonderful! Beautiful day for it, too. That horse had been waiting a long time to do that !

Chava said...

Great pics! I loved the horse :D


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