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Apr 25, 2014

Great Yard Sale Finds...

Today was my first real yard sale outing for the season.  
The thrill  of 'what will I find?' is SO fun!  And then there's the connecting 
with old and new friends and yard sale buddies - love that part too.

My stash from today...
(Isn't that big gold iron scrolly piece great?  $1!)

When we do take time to sit down and watch a movie - 
I appreciate having some morally clean ones on hand - 
thus the two that I picked up today.  The magazines were 'free' 
(I got 4 -why not?) and the plastic containers were 50 cents 
for 4 small ones (needed some).  
The vintage damask napkins appear unused.

But my favorite find was this stack - yes stack - of old books and bibles.  
Let's just say they were very, very (did I mention very?) affordable!
And the book of old bank checks will be appearing in my shop very soon.

Now tomorrow I'll be busy in my flower beds - cause I picked up 
some perennials too.   I don't consider myself a great gardener -
but I'm always looking to improve on what I have.

 And thanks to a friend for the free ornamental grass (it pays to ask).
I've been wanting to do more shrubs and grass in my beds - stay tuned...

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