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Apr 8, 2014

Unique Vintage Easter Finds on Etsy...

I went on a search to see what I could find that is
 somewhat unique in the vintage Easter category.
  (Because after a while - it can all look the same.)
  Here are some of my findings per Etsy... 
(Click on the captions to go to the listing.)

Love this little cutey with his Easter toys...

Child Easter Photo

Easter hats are common enough - but how about some Easter shoes?
Tapestry Easter Shoes

Gurley makes lots of figural candles - but these little ducks are made by Tavern.
Duck Candles

Wouldn't this egg lithograph make an amazing piece of wall art?
Egg Botanical Poster

Here's a sweet vintage Annalee toy - never used!
Annalee Rabbit

How about a photo of a military Easter church service?
Military Easter Photo

Not only is the front of this post card lovely - 
the back has  beautiful French script handwriting...
French Woman & Egg Post Card

Does a magazine ad from 1943 for Easter Candy do anything for you?
Easter Candy Advertisement

I thought this vintage Easter card was especially cute...
Easter Card

It's hard to find good looking Easter candy containers - but this one is! 
Easter Candy Container

And one more from 'moi' store - how about an unused
 jumbo sized satin puffy Easter card?

Large Satin Easter Card
Happy Shopping!

1 comment:

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Nice idea for a post today, Joyce! They were such fun. I can't decide which one is my favorite...

I think the winner is the vintage Easter Card... they are hard to find in the large sizes!

ENJOY your weekend,


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