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Feb 12, 2014

Bargain Finds and a New Spring Listing...

 Sharing a few of my bargain finds from today with you...
 The heart gift box of great smelling votive candles
was just $1.50.  
I'll tuck them away for a gift for next year.    
I can use the white candle in my fireplace.
(just 50 cents - previously burned but who cares?)

Stay tuned for our Valentine Evening atmosphere in front of said fireplace.

The big red basket was FREE - I may wash some white over it.  

I have just listed the violets light switch plate in my Etsy shop.
I was really thrilled with these 8 'masculine Christian birthday cards for $1.
 I keep cards on hand and am usually 'out' of men cards. 
I have brothers and My Love has friends - so yep - I send to them!

Love this leather chair...
Do you send birthday cards?
Have a great day ~Joyce

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