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Feb 10, 2014

6 Thrifty Tips From My Weekend...

Do you use hypoallergenic bar soap?  Did you know that they sell it 
at Dollar Tree?  Seriously.... 3 bars for $1!  
Guess how I discovered it?...

One day while shopping there... I noticed that a lady came in - 
went straight to the cosmetic aisle - scooped up an armful of this
soap and then checked out.  That's all she came in for.  
I had never noticed this soap before that day.  I do now!

Tip #1 - Watch (kindly and courteously of course) 
what other shoppers are buying.  You might learn something!

I found a chandelier at an antique mall this weekend that I'm in the process of shining up...
See that flat 'gold'  at the top - it was ALL that color.
I am happy to find it is cleaning up to silver.  
I've a long way to go and it may not be perfect in the end - 
but it is certainly looking better than I expected.  It was $5!  
The dealer was in the process of downsizing.  
I almost missed it - it was hanging overhead!

Tip #2 - Keep your eyes and ears open for information which may suggest 
low prices.  Moving, getting out of a business, getting married, downsizing - 
all are life events which may result in drastic price reductions.
Tip #3 - Look UP and UNDER and DOWN for finds.  Not everything 
will be at eye level

We once again found ourselves with about 5 cups of milk that is 
starting to sour.  I am not throwing out that much milk.  
Cooking with it is a great option - but that's a lot of
 milk to use at one time for cookies or coffee cake.

Solution - I'm freezing it in smaller batches for baking when 
I have the time.  Frozen milk may not be preferred for drinking - 
but in recipes it will be just fine.

Tip #4 - Buy milk and perishables in sizes that you can use up while still fresh.  
It's a better buy in the long run than having food spoil

Tip #5 - Many foods are able to be frozen if you do have a surplus.  Google it!

I enjoy giving new life to old furnishings with a simple coat of paint.
I've had this desk/bookshelf combination hidden away in a 
hallway.  (It was made by my uncle and given to me as a teenager!)  
It's currently getting a makeover and will be part of
 my new living room.  Can't wait!

Tip #6 - Don't get new - just paint or update what you already have.

Yep - I'm a thrifty gal.... always will be. 
What bargains did you discover this weekend?  ~Joyce

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