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Jan 27, 2014

'No Sugar' Dessert Recipes Wanted...

Hi Friends!   It seems we live an in an age of funky diets.  
And I don't mean just 'lose weight' diets.  I'm talking diets to 
maintain health or to help reduce illness & disease... you get the picture.  
I've been eating gluten free for years - with great success.  
But suddenly - about 3 months ago - it became 'not enough' 
and my condition worsened.  Now I'm trying to do 'no sugar' as well. 

photo challenge - 'sweet' - peanut butter in this case

 It is hard!  I'm avoiding starches since they turn to sugar in our bodies.
  I'm not doing stevia, honey, or anything 'sweetened'.  
My 'sweeteners' have become things like dried fruit, bananas
and unsweetened applesauce.   I'm desperate for any dessert
recipes you may have to help me out! 
Natural peanut butter has become my 'dessert' some days.
(Whoever said you eventually lose your craving for sweets when you stop 
eating them doesn't know what they're talking about.)

1 comment:

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

I loved your last line.... made me giggle! Unfortunately, I am no help. I LOVE sweets and can't even imagine trying to stay away from them. But, I am curious to know more about the health benefits!

If I find any recipes...I'll send 'em your way!


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