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Jan 15, 2014

How To Turn Any Vignette Into a Holiday Vignette...

Do you feel like when a new season or Holiday arrives -
 that you just don't have the 'goods' to decorate for it?  Think again... 
Let's take Valentine's Day for example since that's 'up next'.
  See the store display I did above?  There's really nothing
 'love'ly about it.  It's mostly wooden and primitive looking
 stuff.  But - I threw in a few wooden hearts
 and red undertones in the linens and 'wa la' -
 it'll work for a Feb. 14th grouping.   
I could have cut out paper hearts for the same effect.
Above is another one that has really nothing 'valentiney' 
in it.  I went around the store and looked for anything that 
kinda resembled romance or softness.  Pink, white and 
glass will work - angels too - kissing angels even better 
(altho that pair is really left over from Christmas!)  
Throw it all together and it works. In this case - 
it was more about pulling together a color of the season
 than finding the perfect themed items.  That little 
sachet in a dish is the only thing heart shaped. 

Just about anything can become 'holiday decor'.  
A jewelry box in this case is surrounded
by some heart things and suddenly - 
it's Valentine material.  I could have used a wooden bucket 
or a rolling pin or... (whatever) - and it could have worked.

Another tip - when I can't find anything else I often look for 
a themed gift bag (we all have them - or make one!)  
Sometimes that's the only holiday piece that
 I'll have in a grouping.  Again - it can work.

To review - think color, small themed enhancements
 (even if they're quick cut-outs) or 1 or 2 larger themed pieces.
  Happy holiday decorating!

Check out my Facebook Page  for a few more of the dress rack displays I did today.

1 comment:

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love how you turned that first vignette into a Valentine look just by adding the hearts, Joyce! Definitely something I will keep in mind when I go to my booth this week. I don't have wooden ones, but I will use your tip of just cutting some out of paper.


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