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Sep 12, 2013

Welcome Neighbor Gift Basket...

 We have new neighbors and I have yet to meet them 
except to say 'hi' from across the street.  
So today's 'to do' list included 'make a neighbor gift'.
 My recently canned homemade salsa was my starting point.
 I even had a free basket!
(The thrift shop had an abundance this week - 'happy score')
First up - that salsa got a little fabric topper left over 
from my skirt project, some string and a tag...
Tip - attach fabric wtih a rubber band first - then tie string and
 remove the rubber band later -much easier that way!
 Then I found a candle in my gift drawer stash
 (same coloring as the tag - love when that happens...)
and gave it a little brown paper packaging tied up with string...
A few tomatoes from my garden (who can't use those), a
 red check runner from my stash, (gotta keep a stash!) 
and one more thing....  I included a 'welcome' card 
with our  names and phone number.  
Sharing contact information with your nice and
 decent neighbors just make sense.  
 Do you do 'welcome neighbor' gifts?

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